My experience is vast, working with many talented photographers, make-up artists, producers, directors and other professionals in the industry. Below is a detailed log of my shoots, jobs and campaigns I have been lucky enough to be involved with.








07th - 09 Feb 2014

  Various locations around UK, England
  Music Video - Raj Heer: [Main Role]

15th - 17th Nov 2013 London, Excel   Catwalk / Ramp show: The National Wedding Show

11th Oct 2013 Southwark, London SE16   The Sun

27th - 28th Sept  2013   Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London   Fashion Show for Manish Malotra - 100 years of Bollywood

26th Sept 2013
  Black Island Studios, London   ADM Sport Shoot for RED BEE TV - Sports TV commerical

13th Sept 2013   London   Abu Dhabi Sports commercial screen test

08th Sept 2013   Gravesend, KENT   Photoshoot for Personal Training website with Bob Searle

26th August 2013
London   Fashion & Beauty shoot via Model Mayhem

21st August 2013   Bournemouth, Dorest   Main Lead Role - Heart throb in an Asian bhangra music video.

18th August 2013   Rhinos Gym, Gravesend, Kent, UK
  Fitness Shoot for personal training website

11th August 2013   Andrew Q, Paris Gym, London   Fitness Shoot, Greek God Shot

4th August 2013   Moment Studios, Surrey   Magazine Shoot - Asia Glam - Body shoot and Fashion Shoot

22nd July 2013   Essex, UK   Fitness Shoot - Antony F Images

15th June 2013 to 15th June 2013   Hemel Hempstead, UK   Photographer website shoot - Fitness and Fashion Shoot

25th May 2013
  Croydon, UK   Eye - Male Lashing enhancement shoot

18th May 2013   London, UK   Test shoot with Irven Lewis

11th May 2013
  London, UK   Test shoot with Douglas Allen Deacon

19th Feb 2013 to 26th Feb 2013
Dehli, India
Various locations and shoot themes around India. 

16th Feb 2013
Gravesend, Kent
Test shoot with Dominic Thurmer

08th Feb 2013 to 10th Feb 2013   London, UK   Fitness Promo Test Shoot

22nd Dec 2012   Oval, London   Asian Fashion themed TV commerical. Main model role


18th Dec 2012

  The Perfume Factory, London   Main model for music video: DJ Vix, featuring Ishmeet Narula. "Sona Lagda"

07th Nov 2012   London, SE16   The Sun, Dear Dedire, Photoshoot

29th Sep 2012   Bluewater, Kent   Celebrity Perfume Launch: Photographed Model

17th Sep 2012   Kingston, London   Test Shoot for Kash Coutue Fashion Mag

13th Sep 2012 to 14th Sep 2012   West Sussex   Editing & Composing Footage for Inspiration

11th Sep 2012   London, SE16   The Sun. Dear Dedire, Photoshoot

01st Sep 2012   Central London   Video Shoot: Asian Couples

31st Aug 2012
  Swansea, Cardiff
  300 themed Photoshoot: Sparton Model

02nd Aug 2012   Central London   Photoshoot: Urban Mags

22nd Jul 2012   Gravesend, Kent   Photoshoot & Filming for: Inspiration

01st Jul 2012   Gravesend, Kent   Photoshoot & Filming for: Inspiration

29th Jun 2012 to 30th Jun 2012   Gravesend, Kent   Filming and Photoshoot for: Inspiration  Dream, Believe and Achieve

24th Jun 2012   London   Test Shoot: Photographer: Sheraz Ahmed

03rd Apr 2012   London   Modelling & Acting Showreel shoot

31st Mar 2012   Dartford, Kent   Carnival Shoot: Commercial Clothing

29th Jan 2012   London, Brick Lane   Test Shoot: Photographer: A* Studios

21st Jan 2012   Shefield   Test Shoot: Photographer: Joe Patrick

19th Nov 2011   London, Hilton Hotel   IAFA Fashion Show 2011

18th Nov 2011   London   Music Video: Main Role: Lover

13th Nov 2011   Gillingham Kent   Test Shoot: Photographer: Dominc Thurmer

05th Sep 2011 to 29th Sep 2011   India, Mumbai   Fashion shows: Blend Pride Fashion Show (throughout India) Indian Bridal Week, Indian Fashion Week

01st Sep 2011   London   Might Fine Productions Comedy Sketch: Acting Role

30th Jul 2011   London   Lake view model promo work

23rd Jul 2011   London
  Xmas: Bill Board Fashion Shoot

20th Jul 2011   London   Dream Boys: Calander Shoot 2012

28th Jun 2011   Gravesend, Kent   End Filming for Hot Like Us: BBC 3

25th Jun 2011   London   Blaise Productions: Model / Actor for promo film role

05th Jun 2011   London   Lloyd Frances: Glamour Promo Shoot

01st Jun 2011   London, Brick Lane   Test Shoot: Ian Dew - Underwear shoot

20th May 2011 to 29th May 2011   Manchester   Filming for BBC:3 TV Show: Hot like us - One of the model couples in the show

10th May 2011   Maidstone, Kent   Fashion Show - Saks Hair & Beauty Lupus

07th May 2011   Sittingbourne, Kent   SLB Photography - Armor Battle Shoot

17th Apr 2011   London   Photo Shoot for Kimantra Urban Spa - Lead Male model

13th Feb 2011   Birmingham   Diamond Cuts: Main Model: Music Video

30th Jan 2011   London   MGW Models: Fashion Shoot

26th Jan 2011   London   Time Models: Fashion Show

21st Jan 2011 to 23rd Jan 2011   London, Wembley Stadium   Asian Woman Fashion Show - 2011

08th Jan 2011   London   BBC: London Models Show

27th Nov 2010   London   Shaadi.com Commercial Shoot

26th Nov 2010   Swindon   Photographer Wedding Test Shoot

18th Nov 2010 to 21st Nov 2010   Alexzander Palace, London   AWE 2010 Fashion Show

16th Nov 2010   Gravesend, Kent   Choreographed & Organised Fashion Show for: Woodvilles Mayor 2010

14th Nov 2010   London   Test Shoot: Photographer - Joesph Wilson

13th Nov 2010   Gillingham, Kent   Test Shoot: Photographer - Dominic Thurmer

16th Oct 2010   London   Underwear shoot: Sloggi Underwear

09th Oct 2010 to 10th Oct 2010   London   Main feature model: used for London School of modelling TV Show - pilot

03rd Oct 2010   London   Magazine Shoot: Trend Models

04th Sep 2010 to
20th Sep 2010
  South Africa, Zimbabwe & Haare   Big 5 Challenge - Model Representing India

27th Aug 2010   London   Photographer: Fabio: Test Shoot - Editoral

22nd Aug 2010   London, Fulham   David Otokpa: Fight Club shoot for Editorial Mag

21st Aug 2010   London   David Stevens Bottle Art Exhibition Shoot

15th Aug 2010   London   Model: Music Video

30th Jul 2010 to 02nd Aug 2010   Germany, Frankfurt   International Fitness Training Program: Personal Training High net-worth clients

09th Jul 2010   London, Hilton Hotel   IAFA 2010 Fashion Show

07th May 2010   London   Brit Asia TV Advert - Avatar Helicopter Rides

24th Feb 2010   London   Rage Models: Main Model: UK Jersey Shaw TV Commercial

20th Feb 2010   London   Henna Shoot: Magazine Cover

11th Feb 2010 to 16th Feb 2010   Toronto, Canada   Sama Models: Hired as show stopper to all opening fashion shows and events

30th Jan 2010 to 31st Jan 2010   London, Hilton Hotel   Asiana 2010 London Fashion Show

15th Jan 2010 to 17th Jan 2010   Birmingham Hilton Hotel   Asiana 2010 Birmingham Fashion Show

22nd Nov 2009   London   Saytan Fashion Show: Caramel Models

10th Oct 2009   London  Art College   Test Shoot: Tim: Model used for student college projects

26th Sep 2009   Essex   Felicity Fatale Photo Shoot: Stock Images

31st Aug 2009   London   B4U Asian Glam - Promotional TV Advert

19th Jul 2009   Kent   Channel 4 documentary: Video Shoot

05th Jul 2009   London Hilton Hotel   Shervani Magazine Shoot: Prince Photography

04th Jul 2009   Birmingham   Photoshoot: Dead Good Undies

20th Jun 2009   London   Photoshoot: Classic Ladyryth Group Shoot

13th Jun 2009   Birmingham   Photoshoot: Dead Good Undies

09th Jun 2009   London   Channel 4 documentary: Video Shoot

29th May 2009   Birmingham   Ed Hardy Fashion Show: Show Stopper

28th May 2009   London, Chelsea   Fashion Show: Caramel Models

15th Apr 2009 to 20th Apr 2009
  Gravesend, Kent   Channel 4 documentary: Cosmetic Surgery. Featured as main model

03rd Apr 2009 to
05th Apr 2009
  West Sussex   Stock Images Photoshoot: Business Shoot & Formal dress. Various Photographers

19th Mar 2009   London   Asian Bridal Shoot: Main Model

18th Mar 2009   London   Model used by "Phone Jacker" TV Show

07th Mar 2009   London   Underwear Campaign Shoot

04th Mar 2009   London, Slough   Asian Samurai Photographer Shoot

26th Feb 2009   Central London   G-SPOT Cosmetics Promotional Shoot

15th Feb 2009   Kent   Family Shoot: Stock Images

11th Feb 2009   London   Underwear Shoot: Magazine

08th Feb 2009
London, High Gate   Martin Edwards: Colours Photoshoot

04th Feb 2009   London   Hautre Coutre: Fashion Shoot

31st Jan 2009 to 01st Feb 2009   Birmingham Hilton Hotel   Asiana Fashion Show

23rd Jan 2009 to 25th Jan 2009   London Hilton Metro   Asiana Fashion Show

18th Jan 2009   Kent   Test Shoot: Photographer - David O'Flynn

11th Jan 2009   Brighton   Photoworld: Glamour Shoot: Posters

26th Nov 2008   London   Urban Models: Poster / Flyer Photoshoot

12th Nov 2008   London   TV Commercial: Extra - Model / Actor

07th Nov 2008   London   The Sun; Dear Deidre Shoot

30th Oct 2008   London   Zebra Models: 2nd Fashion Show

17th Oct 2008   London   Model Test Shoot: Divinity Agency

15th Oct 2008   London   CWS Bill Board Soot
(used throughout Thailand and mid Asia)

08th Oct 2008   London   VSM Media, Magazine Shoot

06th Oct 2008   London, Chessington   Rage Models: Bill Board Shoot

27th Sep 2008   London   Zebra Models: Fashion Show

22nd Sep 2008   Central London   NHS: Cervix Savvy: Calander Shoot 2009

13th Sep 2008   Birmingham   Asian Woman Fashion Show

09th Aug 2008   Central London   Centor Models: Test Shoot

07th Aug 2008   Central London   Boudior Shoot

02nd Aug 2008   Milton Keynes   Caramel Models Fashion Show: VIva Glam

29th Jul 2008   Central London   Models Direct: Xmas Card Model Shoot

24th Jul 2008   London   Anti Smoking Campaign: TV Commericial

22nd Jul 2008   London   BW Models: Fitting Model

20th Jul 2008   Brighton   Lyoid Frances: Body Glamour Photoshoot

19th Jul 2008   London   King Khawja Music video (Promo Love song) Main Model Role

05th Jul 2008   Northfleet, Kent   Boxing Gym Shoot: George Grimes

04th Jul 2008   North London   Urban Shoots Calander 2009

28th Jun 2008   London   R&B Music Video with rapper: Shizzo

09th Jun 2008   Central London   Finals to the Face of Asia: Cafe' De Paris: Fashion show

01st Jun 2008   London   Colours Exhibition Shoot

06th May 2008   London   Needham Models: Magazine Shoot

30th Apr 2008   London   R&B Music Video: Rapper Shizzo

27th Apr 2008   London   Face of Asia: Final Model Selection

26th Apr 2008   London   Hunks Calander Shoot

23rd Apr 2008   London   Jean Paul Gautier: Fashion Show

19th Apr 2008   London   Model Promo: Party Host

18th Apr 2008   London   Jean Paul Gautier: Fashion Show Rehearsals and Fittings

12th Apr 2008   Canterbury   Model Promo: Party Host

10th Apr 2008   London   Brit Asia: TV Commercial

06th Apr 2008   London   AMTC : Model Show: YMCA - London Metro

05th Apr 2008   London   AMTC: Modelling Fashion Show Rehearsals

03rd Apr 2008   London   Asiana Magazine Shoot

30th Mar 2008   London   AMTC Modelling Seminar

28th Mar 2008   London   Fashion Show: Hollywood meets Bollywood Rehearsals and Fittings

26th Mar 2008   London   Bells Models: Commissioned Photo Shoot

20th Mar 2008   London   Presenting Fashion Show: Light House Bar

17th Mar 2008   London   Channel 4 TV Show: Used as an underwear model

13th Mar 2008 to
15th Mar 2008
  London   Caramel Models Fashion Show: Ballroom Event

11th Mar 2008   London   NHS: Cervix Savvy: TV Commercial:

09th Mar 2008   London, Wembly   Caramel Models: Fashion Show Rehearsals

08th Mar 2008   London   Model promo night

05th Mar 2008   London   Henna model casting

01st Mar 2008 to
02nd Mar 2008
  Central London, Dorchester Hotel   ESA - Sports Fashion Show. Promoting TIGI Hair Products: Rehearsals

29th Feb 2008   Central London, Dorchester Hotel   ESA - Sports Fashion Show. Promoting TIGI Hair Products: Rehearsals

28th Feb 2008   London   Elite Face Models: Magazine Editoral Shoot

24th Feb 2008   London   Hair Salon: Model Test Shoot

23rd Feb 2008   London   UKTV Modelling Promotion work

22nd Feb 2008   High St Kennsington, London   Caramel Models: Open Fashion Show

21st Feb 2008   Central London   Exhibition Caramel Models Catwalk Show

19th Feb 2008   Central London   Model Promo night: Oscar night

18th Feb 2008   London   Hair Salon: Model Test Shoot

17th Feb 2008   London   Underwear Shoot: Nike Pate

13th Feb 2008   London   Hair Salon: Model Test Shoot

09th Feb 2008   London   Model Promo Work: Debnams

07th Feb 2008   London   Mills & Boons: Model Cover Shoot: Main model

04th Feb 2008   London   The Sun: Dear Dedire Photoshoot

03rd Feb 2008   London   W-Fitness Models: Magazine Shoot

01st Feb 2008   London   Hair Salon: Model Hair Style Shoot

28th Jan 2008   Birmingham   Channel 186: Red Line TV: Meetings for a new show and fitness presenting role

27th Jan 2008   London   London Fashion Week: Promo Fashion Show

25th Jan 2008   Gravesend, Kent   Channel 186 Red Line TV: I want to be famous. Model & Presenter

20th Jan 2008   London   Asian Woman Fashion Show

19th Jan 2008   London   Promo modelling

18th Jan 2008   London   Stock Images: Atomic Sparkle Photography

10th Jan 2008   London   London Portal Models: Test Shoots

06th Jan 2008   London   TV Commercial, Kanish Fashions

04th Jan 2008   Birmingham   TV Commercial - Balfour Legal: Main Role

03rd Jan 2008   London   Ultimate Characters Test Shoot

30th Dec 2007   East London   Video Test Shoot: Bollywood Film

23rd Dec 2007   Brighton   Photo World: Glamour Body Shoot

16th Dec 2007   London   Woodies: In store promo modelling

07th Dec 2007 to 11th Dec 2007   London   Caramel Models: Charity Asian Fashion Show & Rehearsals

05th Dec 2007   London, Wembly   Bollywood Fashion Style Awards

02nd Dec 2007 - 03rd Dec 2007   London   Asian Style Awards; Promo Model.

01st Dec 2007   Central London   Woodies Clothing Store: Promo Modelling

29th Nov 2007 to
30th Nov 2007
  London   Caramel Models: Asian Fashion Show & Rehearsals

28th Nov 2007   London   Modelling promo night

26th Nov 2007   London   Modelling promo night

24th Nov 2007   Central London   Asian Woman Catwalk Show

21st Nov 2007   East London   Bollywood Film Cast

06th Nov 2007   London   Hair Stylist: Model Shoot

29th Oct 2007   London   IMA - International Models Association Photoshoot. Representing UK / Asian model

23rd Oct 2007   Sussex   Digital Photography Shoot: Centor Model

14th Oct 2007  
  Magazine Editoral Shoot

12th Oct 2007   London   I-Joy Video Promotion Shoot

07th Oct 2007   London, Battersea   Nuts TV Show: News Presenter

30th Sep 2007   Brighton   Photoworld: Glamour Shoot

29th Sep 2007   London   Asian Woman, Magazine Shoot

26th Sep 2007   London, Middlesex   Sunrise Radio: Interview

25th Sep 2007   London   Sasaki: Six Pack Muscle belt shoot

23rd Sep 2007   Croydon   Photoworld: Glamour Shoot

20th Sep 2007   London   London Fashion Week

16th Sep 2007   London   Glamour Calander Shoot

15th Sep 2007   London   Sasaki: Fitness Machines Shoot

14th Sep 2007   Barnstaple   Xmas EM Magazine shoot

09th Sep 2007   Croydon   Photoworld: Glamour shoot

25th Aug 2007   West London, Hayes Middlesex   SLR Photography: Test shoots: Gym, Outdoor: Theme: Urban wear

21st Aug 2007 London, Battersea W. Fitness Models: Test Shoot

17th Aug 2007 London Dynamic Models: Fashion Show

08th Aug 2007 to 10th Aug 2007   London, various locations   Music Video: Main Lead. Alize Leivens: "He doesn't know my name"

01st Aug 2007 Winchester Gary Holmes: Photographer Test Shoot

24th July 2007   Central London   Caramel Models: Model Intro Shoot

17th July 2007 to
20th July 2007
  Portugal, Lagos   Glamour: Body of the Gods Exhibition Shoot

28th June 2007   London   Zebra Models: Fashion Show

27th June 2007   London   Zebra Models Fashion Show Rehearsals 

20th June 2007   London   Signed with agency: Casting Suite

06th June 2007   London    Presenting: Test Shoot

27th May 2007
  Hayes, Middlesex   Olympian Fitness: Gym Promo Shoot

23rd May 2007   Central London   Jason Starbuk - Test shoot: Studio Shoot

20th May 2007   London, SE20   Make Up Artist Promo Shoot


13th May 2007

  London    Asian Fashion Show @ London Mela

12th May 2007  

London, Brixton


Asian Fashion Show @ London Mela


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